A Deeper Look

FHI 360's 2014 Annual Report

The lens through which we see the world influences our development decisions

Leanne Gray/FHI 360

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Patrick Fine, Chief Executive Officer

Message from the CEO

The lens through which we see the world influences our development decisions. If we zoom in, we get a close look at details, too close perhaps to understand context. Taking a bird’s-eye view gives us the big picture, but important details and nuances might be missed.

To get a complete picture and the deeper understanding that informs effective action, we need both views.

In this year’s annual report, we provide a glimpse into a few of the ways we are catalyzing change in communities around the world — from strengthening health systems, to connecting people to jobs, to expanding education opportunities for girls.

We also take A Deeper Look at how we are addressing some of the world’s most intractable development challenges: youth unemployment, gender inequality, child malnutrition, the spread of infectious disease and poverty.

In an age of continuous change, there is no such thing as business as usual. Breakthroughs require smarter application of technologies, the gathering of new evidence to design and deliver services and support, and the creative integration of treatments and solutions to increase the impact and sustainability of our work.

In other words, they require not just doing new things, but applying knowledge, evidence, skills and technology in better ways.

This is part of FHI 360’s broader commitment to taking A Deeper Look at development challenges, assumptions and ways of doing business.

It is a commitment that challenges us to go further, think harder and explore more broadly. To examine the language we use and the underlying assumptions that influence our actions. To raise ourselves to a higher standard and reach out to and empower partners willing to do the same. To consider alternative approaches in search of better outcomes — and to sometimes stay with tried and true ways of doing things that have proven effective.

Our generous funders make this work possible. Our committed staff strive for excellence in all that they do. Our partners in country share the best of their resources and know-how. And most importantly, tens of millions of mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, young people and children in the United States and around the world allow us into their lives to help face daily burdens many of us would consider insurmountable.

We owe it to all of them not just to do development differently but to take that deeper look so that we can achieve meaningful impact.


A bird’s-eye view provides the big picture.

Zooming in brings critical details into focus.

We need both views


Our 360-degree perspective enables us to work across a broad set of disciplines to deepen our understanding of complex issues and develop customized responses that address multiple aspects of people’s lives.


of our personnel in countries or regional offices are from the country or region in which they work.