Better nutrition and economic security for vulnerable households

Deeper Look

Jessica Scranton/FHI 360

Guidelines, trainings, household assessments and organizational network analyses are building the capacity of our public, private and civil society partners to design and implement interventions that improve the economic resiliency and health of vulnerable households. These financial, livelihood and food security tools are reaching more than 8,600 people, nearly half of whom are infected or affected by HIV or AIDS, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia and Tanzania.


Once illness enters a home, a family already struggling to make ends meet can quickly fall into a vicious downward spiral. As needs for lifesaving treatment and transport to clinics increase, resources evaporate. Healthy family members may stop working to care for sick relatives. … Read more

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Jacky Bass, MA
Technical Director, Livelihoods and Food Security