Edward W. Whitehorne, AM, Chair
Investment Consultant
Morrisville, NC

Paul R. De Lay, MD, DTM&H, Vice Chair
Global Health Advisor
Alexandria, VA

Vivian Lowery Derryck, MIA
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Bridges Institute
Washington, DC

Philip R. Lochner, Jr., LLB, PhD
Director, various public companies and nonprofit organizations
Former Commissioner, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Greenwich, CT

Sheila Mitchell, MBA
International Development Consultant
Gulf Breeze, FL

Martin Mittag-Lenkheym, LLD
Director, Corporate Advisory Services
Eurasia Group
New York, NY

Sandra Lyne Thurman, MA
Director, Interfaith Health Program
Rollins School of Public Health
Emory University
Senior Advisor, Global AIDS Program
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA

Holly Wise, MA, MPH
Wise Solutions, LLC
Arlington, VA

Helga Ying, MA
Vice President, External Engagement and Social Responsibility
American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.
New York, NY

Patrick C. Fine, Ex Officio
Chief Executive Officer
FHI 360
Durham, NC



Willard Cates Jr., MD, MPH, Co-chair
Distinguished Scientist and
President Emeritus
FHI 360
Durham, NC

Peter R. Lamptey, MD, DrPH, MPH, Co-chair
Distinguished Scientist and
President Emeritus
FHI 360
Accra, Ghana

Marlaine Lockheed, PhD
Education Policy Advisor
Princeton, NJ

Erma Manoncourt, PhD, MSW
President and Director
Management and Development Consulting, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

Geetanjali Misra, MA
Co-founder and Executive Director
Co-founder of SAKHI for South
Asian Women
New Delhi, India

William D. Novelli, MA
Distinguished Professor of the Practice
Founder, Global Social Enterprise Initiative
McDonough School of Business
Georgetown University
Washington, DC

Rachel A. Nugent, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Associate Professor, Global Health
University of Washington
Seattle, WA



Patrick C. Fine, MEd
Chief Executive Officer

Manisha Bharti, MPH, MBA
Chief Strategy Officer

Willard Cates Jr., MD, MPH
Distinguished Scientist and President Emeritus

Deborah Kennedy-Iraheta, MA
Chief Operating Officer

Peter R. Lamptey, MD, DrPH, MPH
Distinguished Scientist and President Emeritus

David G. Mein, MPA
Chief Administrative Officer

Robert S. Murphy, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Pamela Myers, MBA, SPHR
Chief Human Resources Officer

Robert R. Price, JD
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Sean Temeemi, CFE, CICA
Chief Compliance Officer



Leila Abu-Gheida, MS
Acting Director, West and Central Africa and the Middle East and
North Africa

Juan Carlos Bautista
Director, Cost and Pricing, Financial Planning and Analysis

Gregory Beck, MSc
Director, Integrated Development

Anthony Bondurant, PhD, MPH
Director, Asia and the Pacific

Otto Chabikuli, MBChB, MCFP, MFamMed, MSc
Director, East and Southern Africa

Edward Dennison
Director, Business Planning and Proposals

Ted FitzGerald, MS
Director, Global Research and Sciences

Nadra Franklin, PhD, MPH
Director, Social and
Economic Development

John Gillies, MSc
Director, Global Learning

Laura Kayser, RN, MPH
Deputy to the Chief Operating Officer

Alexia Lewnes, MS
Director, Communications

Timothy Mastro, MD, DTM&H
Director, Global Health, Population
and Nutrition

Patrick Montesano, MA
Director, United States Programs

Chito Padilla, MA
Director, Contract Management Services

Rasika Padmaperuma, CPA
Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Melissa Panagides-Busch, MPH, PMP
Director, Corporate Project Management

Aleta J. Williams, MPA
Director, Partnerships